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Outsourcing Services


Despite its many benefits, HR outsourcing remains somewhat misunderstood. Outsourcing services does not mean moving the entire services to another region or country. It is simply the process of procuring goods or services from an external source or vendor so that your company and employees can focus on growing your business. Outsourcing some or all of your HR tasks will free up the time for you and your staff to focus on your company’s core services and growth. Outsourcing the HR services can help your business to grow by 10% or more. You can outsource areas such

Managing staff onboarding, leaving, payroll and leave matters.
Documentation such as application of passes and liaising with company.
Reviewing and revising your business processes for process improvements or cost cutting measures.
Reviewing and improving staff packages and staff progression benefits of Outsourcing.



Benefits of Outsourcing


Reduce costs

Maximize business

Connect with expert
HR service
providers for advise

Attain and retain more qualified staff


Outsourcing Manpower


A lot of organizations look at filling up their vacant positions as quickly as possible. Temp positions or contract positions are some possibilities to fill the empty positions fast so as to ease the burden of manpower shortage and overworked existing staff. At the same time placing contract or temporary staff will enable the organization to have more time to source for a more suitable fit for the position at hand.

So if you are looking for part-time or temp staff solutions, we can help you as well. We will help you fill up your immediate empty positions with our existing and growing database of staff so that your team does not feel overwhelmed with the extra work.

Our HR specialists who will help with your organisation’s needs and provide outsourced manpower to help you and your team cope better.


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